June 10, 2016

School's Out For Summer!

It is the last day of school. As I sit in my empty classroom, I am already wondering about what adventures my students will have this summer.  I know that no matter what they do, they'll keep learning. Maybe they'll learn how to climb a tree or put a worm on a fish hook.  Or perhaps they'll learn how to make pancakes or bandage up a scraped knee. I wonder how many different ways they can come up with to build a fort in the back yard?

I do hope that they will continue to read, though!  Here are some resources for summer reading and learning:

Herrick District Library has a great summer reading program, as well as many free summer events designed specifically for elementary students. 
Herrick Library Summer Reading

Barnes and Noble Students can also earn a free book from Barnes and Noble by completing their Reading Triathlon! 

B & N Summer Reading

Moby Max is a website that the students use during the school year, but students can also use it during the summer. They have their own username and password and can log on any time they are connected to the internet. . .even on a phone! The beauty of this site is that it allows students to work at their own level and even identifies missing skills that students have not yet mastered and provides additional practice.

Click here for more online tools for summer learning!